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High School Biology Teacher

Biology Teacher
SUPERVISOR:   Building Principal
1.   Bachelor’s degree required.
2.   Hold or be eligible to hold a Wyoming Teaching Certificate.
3.   Hold appropriate endorsement(s).
Additional Expectations:   
1.   Demonstrated knowledge and skill regarding the components of effective instruction.
2.   Demonstrated knowledge of content and teaching methods in area(s) of teaching assignment.
3.   Demonstrated knowledge of developmental needs of students.
4.   Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills.
5.   Evidence of ability to establish and maintain effective, cooperative relationships with school personnel, students, and parents.
6.   Demonstrated understanding and empathy necessary for working with students.
7.   Evidence of willingness to advance district and building priorities. A portfolio of the above performance standards will be accepted.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT AND HOURS OF DUTY:   As per district policy.
JOB SUMMARY: To teach and have all students learn the taught curriculum and meet the mission of the school district.
1.   The educator prepares effectively for instruction by:
   1.1   Planning instruction consistent with the district approved curriculum and student performance standards for assigned subject area(s) grade level(s).
  1.2   Planning instruction based on formal and informal assessment of student abilities and needs as evidenced by documents and records.
   1.3   Planning effective use of class time.
2.   The educator ensures effective instructional interaction (teaching) by:
   2.1   Modifying or adapting instruction so that all students learn the required student performances with high levels of success.
   2.2   Applying current best practices of teaching/learning to enhance student achievement.
   2.3   Implementing an instructional design to reach student learning performances.
   2.4   Communicating effectively with learners.
   2.5   Providing for and maintaining active student participation in the instructional process. 
   2.6   Integrating appropriate technology to enhance student performance standards.
3.   The educator effectively assesses instruction by:   
   3.1   Using assessment of student performance to measure the effectiveness of instruction.
   3.2   Communicate student progress effectively to students, parents/guardian, and administrators.
4.   The educator effectively manages instruction by:         
   4.1   Attending to non-instructional tasks in a manner which maximizes the teaching/learning process.
   4.2   Maintaining required and necessary records in an accurate, thorough and timely manner.
   4.3   Planning for effective use of additional human resources in the classroom as necessary.
5.   The educator establishes a positive learning climate by:
   5.1   Addressing the changing needs of students to enhance their self-esteem and dignity.
   5.2   Establishing conditions under which students exercise self-discipline, honesty, leadership, and citizenship.
   5.3   Establishing and teaching clear expectations for appropriate behavior.
   5.4   Establishing consistent consequences for inappropriate behavior.
   5.5   Demonstrating and communicating a belief that all students can learn.
6.   The educator demonstrates a commitment to the profession by:
   6.1   Accepting responsibility and demonstrating progress toward their Professional Growth Plan.
   6.2   Demonstrating learning from participation in professional growth opportunities.
   6.3   Adhering to the Code of Ethics of the National Education Association.
   6.4   Recognizing problems and actively contributing to their resolution.
   6.5   Collaborating with others to fulfill responsibilities related to building and district values, mission, priorities, and student performance standards.
   6.6   Promoting parent/community relations and responsibilities.
   6.7   Demonstrating a concern for students’ health and safety.
   6.8   Demonstrating the ability to adjust to necessary or required changes in the school program.
   6.9   Demonstrating the ability to adjust to the unexpected.
   6.10   Demonstrating the ability to adjust to the dynamics of a group.
   6.11   Assessing personal teaching effectiveness in the classroom and making ongoing revisions.
   6.12   Becoming actively involved in the school’s decision-making process.
   6.13   Serving as role model for colleagues by actively seeking growth experiences and demonstrating a willingness to help them realize success in their roles.
7.   The educator shall demonstrate commitment to the Park County School District #6 by:
   7.1   Accepting and fulfilling assigned responsibilities and duties in a prompt and efficient manner.
   7.2   Following Board of Education policies, building procedures, and any other rules, regulations, or procedures that may be established by the central or building administration.
   7.3   Performing other duties as may be assigned by the building principal.
1.   Must be able to sit, stand and walk without fatigue and discomfort.
2.   Must be able to lift 25 pounds and push or pull 50 pounds.
EVALUATION:   Performance of this job will be determined in accordance with provisions of the evaluation policy and procedures of the Board of Education.
PUBLIC RELATIONS:   Presents a pro-active and positive image of the school, students and staff and fosters the district mission.