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Think a Future - Build a World - Website Design and Product Definition

Company Overview
Think a Future - Build a World (TAFBAW) is a startup that markets and facilitates workshops that bring small groups of diverse individuals together for lively and safe conversations remotely via Zoom or in-person that focus on creating the futures we want to live now and for future generations of humans. Specifically, workshops are structured to help participants:
Determine the unique, human qualities they value most in themselves and others, and
Envision communities that would reflect and promote the expansion of these most valued human qualities, including the systems or infrastructures that would enhance human evolution and life on Planet Earth (.i.e., reproduction and childrearing, education, governance, conflict resolution, justice, ecology, health promotion and healthcare, communication, commerce, transportation, artistic expression, sources and distribution of energy and fuel, food creation and distribution, shared beliefs/philosophies, and so forth – not all of these will be addressed in the initial workshop), and
Commit to taking specific small action steps to create that future now, and
Be inspired by the creativity and commitment of other TAFBAW participants.

Project Description
Students on this project will research and design a website that will automate the following functions of the TAFBAW concept:
The number of participants in online and in-person TAFBAW workshops.
The diversity of participants (age, occupation, geographical location, - TBD)
The action steps participants commit to undertake.
The number of people that access the website.
The number of people that request and access one-on-one project consultations.

The system designed by the students will meet the following goals:
To provide opportunities for diverse groups of individuals to talk to each other and to discover common values and hopes for current and future humans on Earth, in spite of differences between us.
To provide a setting in which participants discover or rediscover that we can direct our thoughts toward life-promoting creations, rather than divisive, fractious creations, find support in the thoughts and actions of others, and see positive outcomes of our creative imaginings.  
To provide uplifting and energizing experiences that connect diverse individuals - letting them know they and others are energized by being part of something bigger than their individual aspirations and that others are energized and inspired by their creative ideas and actions.
To provide a repository of resources and sources of inspiration for Think a Future; Build a World participants and potential participants.   
To provide a Think a Future; Build a World workshop registration site for LIVE, in-person and Zoom TAFBAW workshops.