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Okland - Construction Labor and Materials Data Engineering

Company Overview
Okland Construction is built upon a continuing legacy of innovation, character, and integrity. Our roots reach back to 1918 when John Okland first applied his knowledge of carpentry and shipbuilding, gained in his native Norway, to create the foundation of Okland Construction. From those humble beginnings, Okland has grown to be a company of skilled builders that have left their mark of craftsmanship and uncompromising quality on hundreds of buildings throughout North America. Still a privately-held, family-owned business, Okland continues to honor the same old-world ideals of honesty, value and efficiency.
Project Description
In this Post Covid-19 era, the price of construction labor and materials can be extremely volatile, making it difficult to accurately price projects and turn a profit. Without a clear understanding of market trends and pricing insights, construction companies risk taking on projects that will ultimately result in a loss. That's why the project to create an automated data pull from public sources like BLS and ENR into an internal database for Okland Construction, and building a report in PowerBI using that data, is critical. By gaining insights into market trends and pricing patterns, Okland Construction can ensure they are pricing their projects accurately, maximizing their profits, and avoiding costly mistakes. Students will be developing a process for pulling data from BLS and ENR automatically on a monthly schedule, cleansing and preparing it for analysis. From there, Power BI will be used to visualize the data into meaningful and actionable insights that stakeholders will use to determine how to cost their projects.

Note: Crimson Projects are closely aligned with academic capstone requirements and roughly a semester in length, so students seeking to fulfill a capstone requirement will often do so through a Crimson Project. End dates for projects can vary from stated date.
(The team size will range from 1 to 5 students.)